Death Streams RD Kodi Addon: Real-Debrid Content

Death Streams RD Kodi Addon: Real-Debrid Content

The Death Streams RD Kodi addon is a Real-Debrid users dream, taking advantage of the popular premium file host to present tons of quick and high quality content. Install Death Stream RD today, which might be the only addon you need.

The Death Streams RD Kodi addon is a multi-source addon catered towards Real-Debrid users. The result is over forty sources worth of premium and fast content and a Kodi addon with less buffer and more reliability than others.

For those who aren’t familiar with Real-Debrid, it is a premium service that allows you access to file hosts with faster network speeds and more bandwidth capabilities. When you enter your credentials in the URLResolver dependency in Kodi, any links found and returned by an addon from a Real-Debrid file host will appear. Click here to learn more about Real-Debrid.

Free file hosts in Kodi are not reliable due to the limited bandwidth and high volatility. Anyone who uses Real-Debrid can speak to its benefits.

The addon is a spinoff of the original Death Streams, which supports both Debrid and non-debrid links.

Death Streams RD Kodi Menus

  • Movies
    • Trending Movies
    • Popular Movies
    • Anticipated Movies
    • Recently Updated Movies
    • Movie Mosts
    • Genres
    • Other Lists
    • Search
    • Recent Searches
    • Saved Searches
  • TV Shows
    • Trending TV Shows
    • Popular TV Shows
    • Anticipated TV Shows
    • Recently Updated TV Shows
    • TV Show Mosts
    • Genres
    • Other Lists
    • General Calendar
    • Premiere Calendar
    • Search
    • Recent Searches
    • Saved Searches
  • Settings
    • Scraper Sort Order
    • URL Resolver Settings
    • Add-on Settings
    • Reset All Scraper Base URLs to Default
    • Authorize Death Streams to Access Trakt.TV Account
    • Repair URL Resolver
    • Set Default Views
    • Remove Cached URLs



Death Streams RD Kodi Features

Death Streams includes some nice added features to help you configure it and help you make the most of your settings:

  • Quickly enable and disable individual or all site scrapers.
  • Quickly set the default view for all screens.
  • Quickly enable and disable individual screens in the movie and TV menus.
  • Change individual settings
  • Enable or disable artwork scraping from the internet
  • Library integration settings
  • Change the base URL for all scrapers (good for scrapers that are specialized to UK)


The Death Streams RD Kodi addon can be found in the Blamo Repository. Support for this addon can be found on Twitter.

Install Guide for Death Streams RD Kodi Addon

If you are interested in finding out more about the Death Streams RD Kodi addon, feel free to follow the developer on Twitter for more information and addon support.

The install guide for this addon is not found on this website. As you may have heard, telecom companies have been abusing their power by claiming that addon developers have been infringing content, despite the fact that Kodi addons are open source python code that simply search the public internet and host no content at all.

While we believe Kodi developers are innocent, we are not posting step-by-step download guides right now. We think this is best for the longevity of in case these same companies want to come and claim we are hosting or supporting something in a legal grey area.


Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!

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